PS 4 vs. Xbox One Which One is Better?

Reading this article is a must for each and every gaming lover because today we’ll be putting two popular gaming consoles in for a clash on several parameters. We must not consider that any console is plainly better for every gaming admirer; it all relies on what all the gamer wants from the console. Give this article a fast reading and majorly examine the areas that concern you the most, before moving straight to the finale.

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Predictably, both the gaming consoles have dropped in price from the time of their respective launches back in the last quarter of 2013, and both have undergone redesigns, which permits for a much lower selling price too. The PS4 and Xbox One are now obtainable with larger 1TB storage, even though the prices for those consoles are significantly elevated than the normal 500GB variants. The additional space provided is great for all those who love to own lots of games. All the deals change every now and then, but it can be seen that the Xbox One is a bit economical, but there exists no big disparity considering the bundles currently, thus I would recommend that you must not take your decision thinking only about the price.


The Xbox franchise has seen good elite content, making several powerful additions to its list. The Forza Horizon 2 is a technically an exceptional label that really dazzles the Xbox One, its controller, and the Xbox Live. There exists Anarchic shooter-plus-free runner Sunset Overdrive, and the revived variants of the Halo series that have been featured in the Halo: Master Chief Collection and a redesigned Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. We know that it is not a vast list of exclusives, but it is indeed notably stronger than Sony’s attempts in the past.

The huge PS4 exclusive named Uncharted 4 is available for us. The final game of this PS4 exclusive is simply outstanding all throughout. Still, if you are not one of the long-term fans of this series, you will truly like to play the previous releases in their redesigned form. The conclusion is that the finest third-party games appear better on the PS4 and with the much awaited Uncharted 4’s arrival, the PS 4, at last, has its initial smash hit.


3 Best Android Smartwatches

A smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch with lots of functions, which are beyond the basic functionality of a watch that is ‘Timekeeping’. Although the previous releases could carry out simple tasks like translations, calculations, and gameplay, but smartwatches now have become devices that can be effectively described as wearable computers. Nowadays, these watches have the ability to run mobile applications through a mobile’s respective operating system. Here we are providing you the specifications of 3 Best Android Smartwatches.

Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Generation)

The Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Generation) possesses a larger battery as compared to its previous version. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 processor and is provided in two different sizes of bands so that it could fit more wrists. With this watch, you get the option to customize it with the help of Moto Maker. The biggest improvement in the new Moto 360 are the revived processing package, a design that can be customized, and the adding up of lugs that makes it, even more, easier to substitute the watch bands. The 46mm variant of this smartwatch has a 1.3-inch IPS LCD display and 4GB inbuilt storage. It comes with a 400mAh battery and is safe with IP67 dust and water resistance.

Huawei Watch

For all those who don’t like the flat look of all Motorola’s smartwatches, you are going to be glad to know that the Huawei Watch gets you rid of that. The remaining features of this watch are as usual, as many of the latest Android Wear dials and feature almost the same specs. It is said that the AMOLED display of the Huawei Watch is one among finest displays obtainable in the Android Wearable’s market right now. This watch has a 1.4-inch AMOLED display and a 1.2-GHz Snapdragon 400 processor. It possesses an internal storage capacity of 4GB and is water & dust resistant.

LG Watch Urbane

This one-year-old smartwatch release is still a hot favorite in the market. The LG Watch Urbane has all the specs similar to other watches in the market, which includes a  1.2-GHz powerful snapdragon processor, 1.3-inch P-OLED high-resolution display, 4GB internal storage, and is also dust & water resistant. This watch has a gold version as well that can cost you about $1,200 and is called the Watch Urbane Luxe.

Looking for Team Viewer alternatives

TeamViewer is one of the prominent tools which you can start on your desktop. This tool let you develop a connection with any PC or server with other computer.  Instead of using team viewer you can use various other alternatives. Here we have mentioned various other alternatives which you can use to establish connection.


Remote Desktop Connection

This alternative gives you a remote access with your personal computer to other desktop which is placed at other location. Using Remote Desktop connection, the user can connect his own device with his office computer to access the documents, apps, files and other docs. You can also control your partners’ device or your children laptop or any other family member gadget who is sitting far from your place using your own device to see what they are doing.

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Real VNC

This Real VNC alternative comes with two versions free and paid built on VNC framework which lets you interact with one device to another device using simple programs. This open source technology delivers a reliable and secure connection. You do not need to be worry about other PCs framework, as this VNC framework is compatible with other frameworks. This framework comes with various other features like Cross-platform remote control, doc transfer, chats, encryption and many other files.

LogMeIn Pro

This tool is one of the best remote desktop which is mainly used by individuals and businesses. This remote desktop comes with two versions free and paid, where you will not find its free version. The free version is now discontinued whereas the paid version comes with a price of $100 per year for individuals who can be access up to 2 computers. $259 per year is for small scale firm and $450 is for large scale businesses. This alternative comes with various features like File transfers, audio and video streaming, printing of documents and many other features. LogMeIn Pro is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X

Watch Free Movies On Android apps

Movies are the best source to overcome the boredom. So spend your free time with watching top rated movies. Here we have listed few android apps which let you download and watch movies absolutely free without paying any cost. All you need is to download the app on your device. Check the free android apps to enjoy your free time.


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Show Box

Show Box is one of the most popular app by which you can watch any movies at free of cost. You can also watch your favorite TV serials on show box. So download Show Box app in order to enjoy your tea time by watching movies. This app is currently not available on Google Play Store, so download its apk from other website. You can not only watch Bollywood movies but you can also watch Hollywood movies as well. So all the movie lovers, what are you waiting for. Just download this app to enjoy watching the latest movies.

Hot star

Download the Hotstar app in order to watch different movies and escape all the boredom. You can watch various TV serials on your smartphone or laptops in different languages like Hindi, Tamil English, Kannada, Bengali, Malayali and many other languages.  You can watch various other movies with different languages on Hotstar. Hotstar let you watch cricket match as well. You can watch all your popular TV channels on Hotstar. So in order to enjoy different movies, all you have to download the Hotstar app.

View star

This is one of the prominent apps which you can download absolutely free. You can watch different movies and TV serials using View star as you can easily found your favorite movie on this app. You can also filter the language of the movie. View star provides you various other options like you can see the biographies of various actors, and actresses. You can watch various latest upcoming movies’ trailers and let you see the entertainment news as well. So download View Star app in order to enjoy movies.

Google Tricks Which Will Amaze You

Google let you see news, gives you the information regarding weather reports, sends you the sports alerts, and other entertainment-related news and programs. You can search anything you need, and anywhere. Google will provide you anything whatever you want. You can even search your education related topics, complete all your projects and other related topic as Google is the best guide for you. But Google has few tricks which you do not know. So here we have listed few tricks:

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  • Barrel Roll: This hidden google trick let you amaze with its outcome, all you have to write “Do A Barrel Roll” and press enter. Now see what google will show you.
  • Chuck Norris: If you type “Find Chuck Norris” and press enter you will receive a message for not searching any result regarding Chuck Norris.
  • 1998 Google: Just type “Google in 1998” and then press enter. You will see the different version of Google which is completely changed. The version that Google will show you are the version that appeared in 1998.
  • Google Calculator: Type “Calculator” in the search bar and then hit enter. You will see a calculator which let you solve all your math related problems.
  • Flight Status: Just type the name of the flight whose status you want to know. After typing the name of the flight and pressing enter. You will see the status of the flight quickly.
  • Pacman: Type “Google Pacman” and press enter, and then see the result. This hidden trick will come up with Pacman game which let you play this funny game.
  • Tilt: This trick will give an amazing outcome by just typing “Tilt” in Google search bar and hit enter. You will find that the entire screen turn towards right side slightly.
  • Compare Food: Type the names of two foods, and then see what google will show you. For example, type “Apple vs orange” it will show the details of both the fruits which will tell you the benefits of both the fruits.
  • Stopwatch: Google works as a timer. All you have to type “set timer” along with the duration and press enter. You will see that the Google will send you an alert after the completion of the duration.
  • Hacker: This hidden trick will show you the result as the hacker’s language. All you have to type the “Google Hacker” and press enter.